Balms „Royal Flowers“

Suitable for the treatment of all skin diseases:

Atopic eczema, impetigo, psoriasis, saboreja, acne, skin infections caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. In damaged and broken skin, cuts, scratches, burns, wounds. It is particularly effective in wound that are healing slowly, can treat and fresh scars, then the bites and stings of insects. It is used for varicose veins. In cosmetic purposes helps pores, removes blackheads, reduces the appearance of pustules, removes stains the skin and reduces the visibility of scars. Thickenings softens skin, hyperkeratosis and blisters.

Balm effect:

It restores the surface layer of skin (epidermis) and thus speed up the healing on the skin processes and helps in wound healing, even in open wounds that never heal.

Have antibacterial and anti fungi action and is a good antiseptic.

Stabilizes blood vessels, thus preventing cracking and inflammation of veins and capillaries, reduces the appearance of bruises, soothes inflamed and varicose veins.

It protects, softens and hydrates the skin.


When applied to the skin is desirable person to be pre-cleaned and wet. Apply a thin layer.

In ulcers and wounds, kurje eye wrinkle gas in a thick layer and faster the wound with a bandage or plaster.

In the treatment of dry and cracked after application areas are covered by film or bag for more effectively softening the treated part.

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