Colloidal silver or colloidal silver water

Silver or argentum – Ag – atomic weight 107.8682

silver_water____aicka_by_pitoxlon-d3ammalSilver is precious metal that is known more than 5000 years and it is toxic!

Colloidal silver is a liquid obtained by electrolysis of completely pure silver (99.999%) and distilled demineralized water, colorless, completely transparent, odorless with little or no taste.

Affect viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites and kills them in just 6 minutes!

Proven that assists against 650 diseases!

Acting of silver water on bacteria fungi and viruses


The specific mechanism of action of colloidal silver is characterized by inhibition of respiratory enzymes of bacteria ie prokaryotic cells. Bacteria under the influence of colloidal silver for a few minutes “suffocate” in blocking cell respiration and the body eliminates them from the body through the elimination systems. Bacteria can develop resistance (resistance) of colloidal silver, as is the case with conventional antibiotics. Unlike conventional antibiotics, colloidal silver is completely non-toxic and no easy way expelled from the body intact)


Кај гливиците/габите кој се поврзани во колонија, среброто делува на сличен начин како што делува на бактериите. Го блокира размножувањето на гливиците и мувлата.


The action of colloidal silver virus is slightly different from the bacterial cells. When the virus infects (attack) cell of the body and takes control of the core and the very reproduction and manufacturing resources, the cell instead of the enzyme, hormone, etc. produced viral units. The new copy of the virus then “destroyed” cell enters the bloodstream and surrounding tissue, spreading the infection. However, when the virus “takes over” the metabolism of the body’s cells, metabolism of metabolism “will return” primitive forms, as in the case of single-celled microorganisms. This means that the respiratory mechanism in the infected cell will “restore” the same mechanisms used by bacteria to enter oxygen in his cell. At that stage the reproduction of viruses in the body becomes vulnerable to the impact of colloidal silver. In the presence of colloidal silver every infected cell will suffocate with blockade of the respiratory system. The presence of colloidal silver permanently inhibits enzymatic mechanisms. The presence of colloidal silver permanently inhibit the enzymatic mechanism of virus-infected cells. Regardless whether it about virus of any type (avian, swine, stomach …), adenovirus or influenza virus, influenza, herpes, hepatitis, HIV or Coxsackie viruses simply begins when the virus in cell expression , colloidal silver inhibits the enzymatic mechanism permanently infected cell of the organism that is responsible for respiration. With the destruction of the infected cell and stops reproduction of the virus, spreading the infection and the development of the disease. Immune system then eliminate them with ease less numerous viral particle.

 Acting of the silver water on parasites

Parasites as multi-cellular organisms are sensitive to the action of colloidal silver but they multiply mainly by eggs that spend single-cell stage. Colloidal silver blocks respiratory enzymes (as in the case with other single-celled organisms) at that stage of the parasite and thus stopping reproduction (multiplication). Already is confirmed “In vitro” action of colloidal silver eggs on many parasites.

Silver water- oldest natural antibiotic


* 1 For what colloidal silver water is used?

* 2 How does colloidal silver water acts?

* 3 What do the scientific research show?

* 4 How colloidal silver water is used?

* 5 In which cases colloidal silver water is used?

* 6 What side effects may occur with the use of colloidal silver water?

* 7 Which drugs should not be used when using colloidal silver water?

1. For what colloidal silver water is used?

The ancient Egyptians used silver in warehouses where food is kept against fungi and mold. Phoenicians were transporting wine and water in silver vessels to prevent spoiling. American settlers in the milk were placed a silver coin to prevent lactic boil. In Germany in the 19th century on the newly born babies put silver drops to prevent infection. In churches in the communion rites silver spoon is used that is used by hundreds of believers and never came to the emergence or spread of infection. After the appearance of Penicillin silver is withdrawn from use because it couldn’t be patented and become the exclusive property of only one company. Today it is used in special types of bandages that prevent wound infection in urinary catheters to prevent the development of urinary tract infections and creams against burns.

2. How does colloidal silver water acts?

Silver unlike other metals is the least toxic to the human body because it selectively destroys pathogenic cells and does not affect the cells of the human body.

3. What do the scientific research show?

Silver is one of the most powerful natural antibiotic which destroys over 650 kinds of pathogens. Scientific research has proven effective antimicrobial effect against bacteria (Staphyloccus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Salmonella typhimurium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa), fungi and Candida albicans.

4. How colloidal silver water is used?

Colloidal silver water is a nutritional supplement because they did not participate in metabolic processes in the body and exists in very small quantities. It means they are not used daily because there are no daily needs of the organism for silver. It is used because of antimicrobial, anti fungi and antiviral properties and is one of the oldest antibiotics used by the man. Although some believe that it should be taken daily for prevention of various diseases it should apply only to those with weakened immunity especially taking into account the body being left without selenium which is necessary for extracting silver. In the treatment of diseases is used for several months. Silver water act best when is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, and is the best is to put under the tongue and keep 30 seconds before you swallow. In today’s pace of unhealthy living most agree that still need to be consumed daily as preventive in morning in small amount. Quantity more than half a liter per day is used for extreme emergencies. The final conclusion is that there is no harm to it whatever to decision of the consumer.

5. In which cases colloidal silver water is used?

* In the form of an oral solution (for infections of the airways, inflammation of the eye, gastritis, stomach ulcer, infectious diseases of the gut, systemic and local fungi infections, urinary tract infections caused by Escherichia coli, and other types of resistant bacteria in all persistent infections resistant to therapy with antibiotics in hepatitis C, various viral diseases).

* Intravenous (sometimes apply in hospitals)

* Inhalation (for infections of the respiratory tract, sinuses)

* As a throat spray for  (for bacterial and viral infections of the throat, red throat and cold

* Аs nasal drops (in nasal congestion, sinus inflammation, especially in resistant bacterial species)

* Аs ear drops (for bacterial infections and fungi)

* As creams, gels, ointments (silver prevents infection of the damaged parts of the skin such as burns, scratches, wounds and thus enables fast healing and regeneration of the skin.

* For rinsing the genital areas (in bacterial diseases and fungi)

* For coating the skin fungi and viral skin diseases (feet, nails, bites, herpes)

* In shampoos (anti-dandruff, fungi and various diseases)

 6. What side effects may occur with the use of colloidal silver water?

It must not be used in case of allergy to silver (although such has not been disclosed).

What side effects may occur with use? Only if consumed in large quantities and high concentrations for years used as a substitute for plain water and can lead to the emergence of argyria (flooding the skin).

7. Which drugs should not be used when using colloidal silver water?

Silver water should not be applied simultaneously with: tetracycline (Dovicin, Doksiciklin, Vibramicin, Amracin), quinolones (Visiren, Nofocin, Ofloksacin, Marocen, Ciprofloksacin, Ciprocinal) and Levothyroxine (Euthyrox, Letrox, Tivoral), because that thus reduces the effectiveness of drugs and silver.

Silver is a precious metal known for more than 5000 years and is not toxic!

Diseases in which treatment successfully assisted the use of colloidal silver:

Skin diseases; Diseases of the eyes; Diseases of the mouth and breathing organs; diseases of the digestive organs; acne; athlete’s foot; warts; erysipelas; redness parts of the skin; flushing bubbles with purulent skin; Redness, skin rash; Dekubitis- open wounds; dermatitis; eczema; Fungal infections; Purulent inflammation of the hair follicle; Herpes or rash; Herpes simplex; Impetigo, purulent inflammation of the superficial parts of the skin; Infection of the hair roots; Skin irritation after shaving; As deodorant; Skin infections; Skin infections Bact. Pseudomonas; Skin rashes; Lichen of the body; Softens hard skin; burns; Sunburn; Diaper rash; Pitirijaza; Improves hair growth; psoriasis; Wounds and soft wounds; Rosacea; Seborrhea; itching; Leg ulcers; Skin inflammation, inflammation of the skin ulcers; HPV, viral warts; Chickenpox; Ulcers of the eye; infection of the eye; festering eyes change in children; Eye infection during childbirth; conjunctivitis; burns and sores on the cornea; ulcer infection of the eye and cornea; inflammation of the eyelids; asthma; diphtheria outbreak of pseudomembrana the tonsils and throat; emphysema-expanding chest bubbles; fever; infection of the throat; infection of the sinuses; discharge from the nose; caries; cough; chronic eczema of nostril; whooping cough; bad breath; periodontitis; polyposis of the nose; cold; Spring runny nose; hay fever; decay of teeth; scarlet fever; tuberculosis; inflammation of the messengers; sore throat; inflammation of the tonsils; pneumonia; inflammation of the chest handkerchief; inflammation of the sinuses; inflammation of the mucosa of the nose; inflammation of the tonsils in the throat ulcers associated with whooping cough; cause of aspergillosis (develops pneumonia, ear and sinus); allergic mucus (spring); intestinal amoebas; gastric ulcer; diphtheria; diarrhea all kinds; eczema around anus; gastritis; Pus appendicitis; hemorrhoids; hepatitis B and C; infection with Escherichia coli; catarrh (mucus from the nose and throat); cholera; colitis; chronic diarrhea; indigestion; bad absorption of the stomach; mononucleosis; itching around the anus; diabetes; typhoid; typhoid fever; stomach flu; ulcerative inflammation of the intestines; inflammation of the intestines; appendicitis after surgery Diseases of the ear; Diseases of organs of motion; Diseases of organs for secretion; Full of diseases; infection on the ear; chronic eczema of the ear canal; Menierova disease; inflammation of the eustachian tube; inflammation of the middle ear; artiritis-inflammation of joints; reumatoidni arthritis; rheumatoid inflammation; inflammation of bone tissue; inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue binding-; urinary tract infection; bladder irritation; chronic inflammation of the bladder; inflammation of the kidney; inflammation of the urinary tract; human papillomavirus; infection of the prostate; candidiasis; an enlarged prostate; epididymitis; inflammation of the prostate; adenoviruses; AIDS; allergies; anthrax; ulcers; impotence; chronic fatigue; Treatment of the lesion; hay fever; thyroid disorder, postnatal sepsis; extensions because of edema; blood poisoning; tumors; inflammation of the lining of the brain.