Corn silk – Diuretic
Corn silk in the form of tea is one of the most natural strong diuretics. With the consumption of this tea for 24 hours, several times to increase the amount of urine disposal and without prejudice, which is particularly important in those diseases where accumulation of fluid acts detrimental to the whole organism. Corn silk tea reduces pain (cramps) in the kidney. Also, the disposal of larger amounts of fluid from the body and dumped the excess phosphorus and protein, which significantly reduces rheumatic pains, gout symptoms at that shipped with joint pain. Also, corn silk tea is recommended for people with edema, or to persons who have accumulated swelling and fluid in hollow organs (abdominal and lung lining -ascit -plevrit). With water are excreted and harmful substances from the body, so regular consumption of tea from corn silk is truly a natural remedy to detoxify the body. Strengthens the blood, improves circulation and liver function. Helps in all diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract in irritation of the bladder (cystitis), helps with nighttime urination. Due expressed diuretic effect, corn silk tea can help when you want to get rid of excess weight (of course with the help of proper diet and exercise). With the help of corn silk tea, your body will rapidly discard all harmful substances.
  • 1 tablespoon (dried) corn silk
  1. One tablespoon of good dried corn silk(if not completely dried losing action) pour a cup of hot (not boiled) water, leave a few minutes and strain.
  2. Take one tablespoon warm and unsweetened tea every 2-3 hours. If the taste of tea you don’t like it, you can be improve it with the addition of lemon juice.
  3. If you have expressed discomfort tea can drink in larger quantities – you need 25 grams of corn silk and a liter of water for preparation of tea, which can then be drink when thirsty, instead of water.