Orgonite energy is comprehensive and pervasive life energy. Orgon is a force opposite of entropy and acts as creative organizing force and can be equated with life itself. The fact is that many people have an expression for this subtle energy: Hindu (prana), Buddhists and Taoists (chi, ki, rei-ki), ancient Greek peoples (ether).

Orgonite is effective work today successfully defy the various laws, incurable diseases, medical mafia, polluted sky, water and food, persistently spreading love and harmony that we need all the inhabitants of our troubled planet.


Orgonite is a mixture of natural resins and metal shavings crystal quartz that cast molding with a certain shape in a certain proportion in a certain schedule.

Together in the orgonite is created known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal.

This means that endpoints become electrically polarized, causing it to function more effectively as a generator of positive energy.

Some people use orgonite for combating pollution they produce microwave emitters such as computers, televisions and monitors, cellular phones, microwaves ovens, transmission lines and transformers, repeaters mobile telephony radio active lightning rods and the like.

Others use it to erase the negative energy in their homes, or used to enhance the growth of plants at home, in their plastic tunnels or backyard. They have a good effect on the treatment of various types of wounds.

Energetically sensitive people immediately feel the energy field and the impact of orgonite.

The impact of orgonite directed and is felt in the harmonization of elegant, peaceful dreams, disappearance of chronic fatigue and insomnia, greater vitality and joy, less need for sleep, and the like.

People who are filled with negative destructive energy can not withstand near orgonite.

The presence of orgonitot acts on you like a power transformer in the energy field. It will clean up and stabilize the structures of power in the energy field. It will be strong depends on how old and strong these energy structures.

Of course it is good to use in an environment which broadcasts many negative energy, such as people who have negative emotions or energy, or building in which the working environment is rigid, and where there are many technological devices that emit harmful energy.


– Orgonite constantly performs conversion of the negative into positive orgone. This occurs passively, so there is no necessity for power or maintenance.

– With time orgonite is not consumed and does not weaken the power and strength. The crystals that are embedded in it not require cleaning as ordinary crystals because during the conversion of the negative into positive energy they are also cleaned

– The properties of the crystals are multiple orgonite hardened for piezoelectric effect in which the mixture of components occurs inside the crystal

– Orgonite is activateing when the environment is present negative energy. It can be said that negative energy is fuel for orgonite

– Sensible figures describe the energy emitted by orgonite as cold with blue aura

– It has been proven that after a while orgonitе network and creates so-called orgonitе field that amplifies the effect of the organite in the space 

– Personal connection to orgonite it strengthens its effect

– The programming of crystals in the creation of the organite and the mental energy and thought in the period of making orgonitot significantly contribute to the reinforcement of its healing capabilities (in this case the crystals are treated with Reiki energy balancing frequencies for all chakras SOLFEGGIO-therapy). With this proves that orgonite is his being an intelligent life force that reacts to impact the environment.

Given that the device (orgonite) with its radiation stimulates the flow of energy through the chakras and acts on “weak” places of our aura (places where there are energy holes and disorders), there may be some transient discomfort to those parts of body in form of pressure, tension or pain, or headaches and dizziness.

If it comes to cleaning piercing energetic blockages, these symptoms should get weaker day by day. If symptoms worsen please stop using this product.

For the purpose of adjusting the energy of the device, the first few nights are possible reactions in the form of insomnia, heat or hardened dreams. To lower / or avoid these symptoms please drive at night to set up a minimum of 2 – 2.5 m from the sleeping place.



The device creates a strong vibration field that on the person acts healing and soothing. Because orgonite is intelligent energy, this experience deepened if its consciously observing the focus of the device and unconfined observe sensations that thus arise. The device can pose a hand or a particular part of the body. Depending from person to person in meditation device often occurs a feeling of peace, ease, warmth, heat on the hands or feet, sleepiness, relaxation, while sensible people can see the aura of the device.


Orgon-known as Ki, Chi, Prana, ether, life energy and essence of the creative forces of nature, invisible energy that fills the whole universe, matter and shape affect life. Unstoppable and sufficient flow of this energy inside and outside the body enables good health, vitality and makes life energy until the deficiency or imbalance of orgon (life) energy creates disease and depression.

Nowadays, the main source of negative orgone are the negative radiation of the cell phones and repeaters for mobile devices, computers, microwave ovens, TVs, monitors, electrical installations, transmission lines, substations, polluted environment and the negative radiation on humans.

Most modern stresses are caused by the use of electronic devices and is called electromagnetic stress or electronic smog.

We can not see the electronic smog, but we feel it like anger, irritability, lethargy, gloom and more.

The concentration of the existence of electronic smog measurable digital analyzers.

Great detrimental effect on our health and have inadequate sleep in places where there are underground water and harmful radiation from the universe. (Cosmos). Intersection (nodes) of the said forces acting cancerous and thereby causing an array of degenerative diseases due to energy depletion and weakening of the body.

Great help and relief for this orgonite devices that constantly emit healthy orgone, turning automatically harmful radiation to emit electronic devices and external harmful radiation in a positive and neutral environment. All that passively because of orgonite devices do not require any power supply or maintenance. Embedded crystals do not require cleaning (unlike standard crystals), because the device does not accumulate negative energy, but also under the principle of chaos it turns into what environment which we all care.

According to all information and impressions (from establishment / origin of these important for us today and our planet are) devices:

 – Neutralize and protect against electromagnetic radiation (computers, television sets, mobile, microwave ovens) and more generally electric devices, radiation from underground water and radiation of the universe in a way to support and strengthen your immune system and thereby clean, balance and recharged your energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras).

– Assist in the energy recovery of the organism which is very important for the recovery from operation and treatment of cancer and chronic diseases.

– Organize the space in which it is staying an, creating a positive atmosphere and harmony

– Allow calmer and deeper vacation dreams at night, reducing the period of sleep

– Calming emotionally, helping overcoming depression, grief and fears

– Acting anti-stress, allowing calmer and happier / more positive mood

– Awaken spiritual awareness and love for yourself and loved ones

– Harmonize human relationships

– They leverage mental and spiritual benefits

– Effect / affect emotionally / mentally reconcile

– It reinforces the effect of any crystal in the vicinity, and clean the crystals

– Increases productivity in the working environment

– Encourages creativity

– Act positively on animal and plant growth

– Energizes the water

– Reduces hyperactivity in children

– Acts of better memory ability and quick learning

– Protects against negative energies of others

– Reinforce the actions of any crystal in the vicinity and also clean them

– Protects against negative influences of the astral (nonphysical) levels

– Set in nature, creates energy balance and clean atmosphere

– Activate and reinforce hidden and undeveloped mental capabilities as 6th sense, bioenergetic sensitivity, intuition

– Exempt the body from stress, toxins and parasites

– Promote quick healing, and raise immunity

– They balance the energy centers (chakras) and repairs to the energy flow caused by different locks

– Change the strength of the color of aura

Crystals are programmed with Reiki balancing and Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz which is known to repair DNA and is used by geneticists.